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My Shopping Date provides a personal styling and personal shopping experience. Choose from our vetted stylists that offer customised advice on clothing, make-up and fashion trends based on your image, style and preference. The stylists are surprisingly accessible, affordable and ready to share their expertise with you.

You can also choose the services of personal shoppers who can purchase goods on your behalf or accompany you on a shopping expedition. They are experts on trends, deals and where to get the season’s must-haves.

My Shopping Date helps you find your style, access to fashion experts and free up valuable time.

Why My Shopping Date is for you

Whether you want to make a big impression in a job interview, need your holiday looks to shine, have a party to prep for, planning for a wedding or simply decided you need a complete wardrobe upgrade, our service is designed to help you find the ideal personal stylist and personal shopper to suit your requirements.

What’s more, we are working to secure discounts that stylists and shoppers can pass on to you. We aim to give you a unique and valuable My Shopping Date experience.

With a stylist assisting your garment selection, you will save time, discover exciting new brands and choose items that fit perfectly and are the best colour matches for your tones. A stylist can also make better use of the items you already own, reinvigorating pieces that were bought years ago.

Benefits of Using My Shopping Date


Register with us and you will gain instant access to a wide range of brilliant stylists


With our easy-to-use system, you can connect with a personal stylist in minutes


Book a stylist at a time that suits you best

A message from My Shopping Date’s founder

I regularly hear frustrated shoppers saying things like, “Nothing fits me,” or, “I don’t know what to wear.” These have been strangers, friends, even my wife, and I thought, “I have to do something to make clothes shopping pleasurable again.”

I found that a personal stylist was the best way to improve my wife’s shopping experience but it was a difficult task to compare stylists, to know if the stylists had the precise skills to help my wife, or even to find out details about prices and availability. This is why I decided to create My Shopping Date, to make it easy and hassle-free to find a personal stylist who fits your needs.

Personal stylists can help you make more informed choices when buying clothes, meaning you are able to find outfits that complement or improve your wardrobe. This is why we developed a selection process for personal stylists. My Shopping Date is not an employer of personal stylists, nor do we sell clothing. It is an easy-to-use search facility for men and women that quickly allows you to book the services of a professional stylist and hopefully create an enduring relationship.

Whether you are a complete fashion addict or feel overwhelmed by the world of style, with a personal stylist, you are in safe hands. Maybe you want to revamp your appearance, keep bang-on trend or need to look your finest for an upcoming social or family event. Try the My Shopping Date experience and use the advice of true style experts. We think you will be impressed.

– Guillaume Noisette, founder, My Shopping Date

Personal Stylists

If you are a personal stylist, are you making full use of your style know-how? Register with My Shopping Date and customers will come to you. Once registered, there is a two-day checking and validating process and then we can connect you with clients who are keen to take advantage of your skills. 

Customer satisfaction is not our only priority – the satisfaction of our stylists is also important to us. The face-to-face aspect of personal styling is a big part of the My Shopping Date experience but we also encourage stylists to offer alternative services, such as live video styling, assistance with online shopping and fashion-fix emails.

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