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Congratulations! You are on the wedding list of your sister, brother, cousin or friend. After the excitation of the new the brainteaser to find your D-day outfit. The race against the clock starts. It’s always challenging to make the outfit choice, so we advise you to do a ruled-out selection.

3 “Fashion faux pas”: Things to avoid at a wedding.

1. Ban the total black or white look

All wedding expert say, white and black are two colours to ban for a wedding ceremony. White, because it is reserved for the bride, and the black because it’s a colour of grief. Of course, the total white or black look is not welcome, but we are not saying a categorical no to those colours. Indeed, black means a classic timeless elegance, but also can have some amazing benefits for shaping the silhouette. White brings freshness and lightness to your outfit and it’s a true colour of the summer. So, if you are feeling better or more confident in these colors you can wear them, but make sure you break your full look with colourful accessories (shoes, jewelry, belt, scarf …). Remember, if you opt for the white colour, you can’t wear a long dress. You can match white trousers with colored top and accessories and it’s done!


2. Less is more!

 Standing out from the crowd is a good thing, but on the wedding day you have to find the perfect balance. Say no to too close fitting and extremely sheer fabrics. As wedding is most often a religious ceremony, theses dresses would not be welcoming.

Find the length and cut that will show your silhouette from the best perspective, without catching too much attention from the bride. “Less is more”, so select your favorite part of your body and put the light only on it.

Do you love your legs? Nice! You can wear a dress or skirt which reveals this attribute. Just pay attention to proper length.

Do you prefer to highlight your neckline? Smaller cups can dare a deeper neckline top with long skirt, or simply a trousers suit. For more generous cups, a rounded neckline is preferred.

It is up to you to choose what is your favorite asset!

Fashion faux pas


Fashion faux pas


Fashion faux pas


3.  Devil is in the detail 

The best advice we can give, is to not to wait till the last minute and secure enough time to understand what you feel the best in, which colours you prefer or dresses’ cuts suit you best. Having one day to dress up is absolutely possible but may be also stressful. Remember:

  • Sometimes a good accessory or piece of jewelry can totally change the final look. Monochrome dress? Nothing will bring it more to life than an amazing brooch, colourful belt or shoes.
  • The 3 colors rule is also available to the wedding day. This kind of ceremony often is the occasion to wear the garments you wouldn’t dare in every day life.
  • Bag is not a detail! In fact, bad decision on bag selection can ruin your elegant appearance. Bag can be in the center of your outfit, if you want it more shiny or colourful, or it can provide a background to a different accessory you want to stand out, when you’ll match it with your dress. 

Be sure you aware about the fashion traps to be ready for your next wedding!

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