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It can be challenging to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends that are out there. After all, it can seem as though they come and go. That's because they usually do since they're merely trends. However, throughout the course of time, certain trends have stayed with us. Here are the six fashion and beauty trends that are both timeless and classic.

Clear Skin

A clear complexion will never go out of style. One fantastic beauty hack is activated charcoal. You can use this to help cleanse your skin quickly. It will get rid of toxins in the skin to purify it. You'll enjoy beautifully clear skin thanks to the help of activated charcoal! Combine clear skin with pearly white teeth, and you're good to go. Of course, activated charcoal isn’t the only secret to beautiful skin.

Pearly Whites

White teeth have never gone out of style. If you want to look flawless at all times, you should definitely consider bleaching teeth. You'll have a gorgeous smile to show off to others whether you're in class or meeting up with a cute date. This is especially pertinent if you work in any sort of entertainment media or the fashion industry.

Healthy Hair

Luscious locks are another beauty staple that is hard to beat. Focus on nourishing your scalp and conditioning your ends. If you are concerned about dry hair, try to avoid shampoos that contain sulfates; these tend to dry out your hair. Remember to apply shampoos only to your scalp and the root of your hair, and to apply conditioner everywhere else. A beautiful hairstyle is always going to draw the eye, and pull away attention from other aspects on an outfit, so do keep that in mind.

Jean Jackets

The jean jacket is a fashion staple that has been in style for years. One of the best parts about a jean jacket is that it can be worn with literally anything. As long as you don't overdo it with the denim, you can put a jean jacket over any of your favorite outfits. It's the perfect solution for a chilly night out at the beach or if you want to achieve an effortlessly gorgeous look for school. The one thing you do have to decide is what type of denim jacket you would prefer as different washes and different fits give off different vibes. White-washed and dark-washed denim give a more put-together, elegant look and are very suited for older ladies as well. The oversized, light-denim wash is currently very trendy and can be used to elevate a more casual outfit to something more fashionable. You have a lot of option with this one, so think on how you want to utilize it.

Animal Prints

No matter what time of the year it is, animal prints are totally in style, though they are definitely a riskier pick here. We're talking about leopard print, zebra print, and cheetah print. These types of prints can go with any denim. Our advice is to stick to blouses, as many chiffon shirts out there do sport abstract animal prints that are classy and not too loud. But we aren’t stopping you from having fun with bold zebra and cheetah prints on coats and pants. Let’s not forget the trendy short-sleeved button-up either, as these are becoming trendier to sport with bright colors and a different sort of animal print (think lots of tropical birds, maybe tigers). Either way, another versatile option to think about for your style.


Athough most commonly used for fall/winter fashion, layering has been a popular way to make a fashion statement all year 'round, and for many years at that. Whether it's a cardigan and a camisole, a sweater and a vest, or dress with a scarf, this is an easy way to look chic. This year, think about combining different textures and statement volume. 

From bleaching teeth to animal prints, looking good never goes out of style. We understand though that integrating some of these looks may be a bit overwhelming. At the end of the day, you can always bring in the help of a stylist to help out.


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