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Pop-phenomenon for the last music generations, talented singer, performer and songwriter: the “Fame-Monster” Lady Gaga is one of those characters which is difficult to put inside one single box. Once you think you have done it, she has already u-turned to follow an opposite direction. A crazy rollercoaster of music genres, shocking performances and improbable outfits: behind the million fashion masks a delicate vulnerable side can be portrayed. The "golden child" of contemporary dance-pop, in fact, had chosen to live the atypical life of public figure to follow the flattery of success and develop a visceral bond with her fans. Stefani Germanotta, like many before her, has sacrificed the young years to devote herself to an audience: at what price though?

It was just a few days ago the release of her new bio-documentary by director Chris Moukarbel, “Five foot two” (22 September 2017), where the watcher immediately notices something different. Like never seen before, the singer’s mediatic armor finally dropped. The recent life failures ("ARTPOP" record mismanagement and five years engagement break-up with model-actor Taylor Kinney) and the unexpected chronic pain disease with consequent rapprochement to her family, have brought the singer to show herself in all her fragility. “Stripped bare” (sometimes, literally, half-naked) Lady Gaga is proposing herself in a more natural way, like saying:

This is who I really am: I have been to the skies of popularity, then fallen down to earth; many friends and love were lost along the way.

Who doesn’t remember Lady Gaga’s striking appearances out of her NY recording studio? We can definitely trace a fashion excursion from her first elaborated outfits to her last fashion undertones. With the most recent album, her wardrobe has completely changed. Fashion initially used to cover and, even, transform her physical look, lately becomes less loud and provoking: always stylish but subtle and, somehow, with a raw quality. As she personally declares in her documentary, a part of her would have still happily carried on being covered in high-fashion and astonish people. Regardless, the time has come in this moment to stand for her deep beliefs and her new conquered confidence and have the courage to reveal a different side of her persona, marked by pain and loss. In fact, the new album "Joanne" (21 October 2016), named after her father’s sister, emerges from the realization of the deep spiritual connection with the relative, passed away before she was born for an incurable illness and after excruciating physical suffering.

Long time has passed from Alexander Mcqueen’s "Armadillo" shoes, worn in her Bad Romance video and in many other occasions, or from her body covered in raw meat at the MTV video music awards (2010), even shown on Vogue magazine cover for Japan. Denim hot-pants, distressed white t-shirt, fiddler cap and John Lennon style sunglasses convey now a new grown-up vibe with grunge accents. Still rebellious, yes, but also brave and unconcerned about the critics coming from her detractors. The clothing parabola of every pop-star reflects the passing of time and the reaching of a new maturity, but also, of course, responds to a precise marketing strategy: reinventing herself at every stage, endorsing and living at full her personal crisis and making it public as part of a new-identity-package. Hypocrisy: some would use this word to the describe it, but also the result of every artist’s creative process and evolution.

To conclude on a lighter note, let’s visualise the artist’s career with two style-boards using items in-store now: from the craziness of the early years to a more understated and relaxed glamour.



”Kenzo Vintage” leather embroidered skirt,

“Barbara I Gongini” seamless bra,

“Ann Demeulemeester” long gloves,

“Stella Mccartney” monster ankle boots,

“Sunday Somewhere” sunglasses,

“Gucci” metallic hat, “Issey Miyake” chunky bangle.



”Nobody Denim” boho short-shorts,

"Re/done” ‘50s boxy T-shirt,

“Manokhi” hat,

“Golden Goose Deluxe Brand” biker studded boots,

“Prada” eyewear,

“GCDS” net tights.

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