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As a personal stylist, I am always keen to see what people, who are on TV, model and endorse. I like sport and tend to watch anything from football and tennis to rugby. 

I have professional rugby players, as clients and they always go away looking modern, cool and very smart. Recently though, what I have noticed, especially with pundits on TV, is the appearance of double-breasted suits, in 2017. The height of double-breasted suits would have been the 80’s and even the 90’s. What next? Shoulder pads?

I’ve never had a client request this attire and to be honest I haven’t recommended it. Even though former athletes like Thierry Henry who is a fairly stylish person has worn double-breasted suits on the TV, I am not sold on the look. The main reason being that the lapels are far, far too big on the jackets. The lapels were peaked and very wide. It looks bizarre these days, to have a suit with a slim fit knitted tie with big lapels complimenting it. I mean perhaps stockier gentlemen could wear double-breasted suits as they have the build, but Henry is too slight.

Double breasted suit scianna


double breasted suit


I may have to look into the new old trend, but as I have said before trends are there for a reason.

They come and they go.A classic fitted suit, whether it is a slimmer cut will never go out of style.  Gary Neville hasn’t gotten round to wear this look and personally, I hope he doesn’t.

That being said, I’m going to try a few double-breasted suits and see how they look. I might be swayed, who knows! You can get stunningly beautiful double-breasted jackets with 8 buttons that do have slimmer lapels and I would always favour these over any other.

The biggest your chest the wider the lapel, I would recommend. And myself being as slimmer and not so, “built,” person I will always air on the side of slimmer lapels.

Winter is coming and I think writing this blog I have convinced myself to perhaps buy a slim lapelled double-breasted suit. Believe me, I’m not following the trend. 

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