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In a world evolving around seasonal trends, fast fashion and social media; it is very rare to find styles that survive the test of time and leave the mark.

However, for every rule there is an exception and the Wrap Dress is definitely one.

Associated primarily with the fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, the wrap dress true origin is dated back to the 1930s when the fashion designer and “America’s First Couturier” came up with the idea of a dress that accentuated the woman’s figure. He called it the “Taxi dress” as it was meant to be a garment that women could easily slip into or out of in the back of a taxi.

In the 1940s, an updated version called the “popover dress” came about. 

Fashion designer Clare McCardell wanted to create a dress that was able to fit in the lifestyle of the women during World War 2: housewives who have many responsibilities both inside and outside their homes.

Originally created as a garden cover-up, it quickly mutated into a quick item to POP over a bathing suit, trousers or an entire outfit to be worn as a jacket.

30 years later, in the 1970s, a 26 years old Diane Von Furstenberg had just arrived in the United States with a suitcase full of jersey dresses with bold prints that she had created at her friend’s mill in Italy.

They were something she was going to try and sell in America, and little she knew they were going to become one of the most iconic designs in fashion history.

Although she was never the actual inventor of this silhouette, she most definitely perfected it.

Her version was a collared, long sleeved shirt-dress that wrapped around the torso in a way that it easily accentuated curves while hiding any undesirable bulge.

The choice of jersey as the main fabric, the v-neck, and a belt that tied at the waist made the dress a true hit.

Her wrap dress allowed women to look seductive without being exposed.

Since then the wrap dress has conquered the fashion world from strength to strength, managing to remain always relevant.

The dress not only enhances the woman’s body but it also fits perfectly into her modern lifestyle, combining beauty and practicality, making it a definite fashion staple.

So how can we make the most of the wearing a wrap dress?

Here are some styling tips:

wrap dress 1

A wrap dress is a waist trimmer, bust enhancer, and hip slimmer; it has the dual functionality to accentuate and conceal curves.

For your first purchase, go for a basic one that can be worn both for work and leisure.

wrap dress 2

Wrap dresses suit any body shape, however if you wish to look slimmer make sure you choose a solid colour wrap dress in a darker shade.

Also, a plunging neckline can instantly make you look slimmer.

wrap dress darker colours

If you prefer prints, remember that vertical or random patters are more flattering than horizontal patters, also make sure to balance the patter with your frame: small patters look better on a smaller frame while big patters look best on a bigger frame.

wrap dress prints

If you wish to go for a fresh and young look, choose a wrap dress in bold colours. For a classic look, choose more neutral shades like black, navy, or white, which can be worn day to night. Also, wrap dresses in jewel tones, like ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple help you achieve a more glamorous look.

glamorous wrap dress


Heels or wedges are the best option to choose in accordance to the print of the dress and the event you will be attending.

On a date night or for any event in the evening, you should opt for a wrap dress in a solid colour to match with a pair of pumps with a slim heel in the same colour of the dress or in a neutral/nude colour.

Animal prints and day time dresses can be paired with anything from wedges, to strappy sandals or gladiators.

During the colder season you can also wear the wrap dress with tights and boots.

This, however, is only advised for day wear / casual wrap dresses in medium to short length.

A pretty pair of ballerina flats are an acceptable option for a casual look while running errands, but sneakers, flip flops and slides are a definite NO NO !!

wrap dresses and shoes

And necklace?

When it comes to choosing the right necklace my advice is to choose a shorter, dainty necklace for a workwear outfit or a collared wrap dress

A statement necklace for more casual look, and a layered necklace for a wrap dress with a deeper v-neck.

wrap dress and necklaces

Need help to find the right wrap dress for you? Book a consultation with me and let me do the hard work for you.

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