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The UK is known for many different things : tea, warm beer, politeness, funny accents and terrible weather. Mid June 2017, has been quite frankly stunning and we have all been spoilt with temperature ‘s of 31c and above.

I personally love this weather and never complain, especially in my field of work as a personal shopper and stylist, as I get to experiment with new looks, when the sun is on vacation here.

The only one complaint that would appear to be expressed on social media, by many Brits, is that it’s too hot to work in normal business attire. It got me thinking, as a male and a personal stylist in London, is it reasonable for businesses to ask their employees to wear a suit, tie and formal shoes, in this weather. It’s been quite a subject on the Internet, as while women are wearing skirts, sandals and smart t-shirts, is it fair that men are sweating in their suits. These boys at this school feel it isn’t, as they wore skirts to their school, as form of raising this discussion and protest, perhaps, considering that the UK doesn’t get inundated with heat wave often, businesses could relax their regulations in this heat.

My mind then wondered to when I spent the summer of 2015 in California, mainly in Los Angeles with 2 of my best friends. How did they and other Californians dress and deal with the gorgeous sun on a regular basis.

Paulo, who is a trademark attorney, would have to dress smart for his job, but the ethos in LA, is that suits were not required, desired or necessary. He dressed smart, but comfortable and appropriate for the weather. London and the city in particular, I think could replicate this, when we are sweltering in this heat, currently. Once again I’m not complaining, being a stylist I can wear many different items depending on the meeting and I regularly have to wear a suit, when with my clients, but perhaps the UK should follow suit and copy LA for when the UK has a week of pure sun bliss. Productivity might increase, as employees would be more comfortable and not sweating like in steam room.

LA isn’t really know for it fashion inspiration like Paris or Milan, but their relaxed, chilled attitude towards life and fashion could be somewhat of a example for us Brits.

Maybe I will coin this and get the city all in crisp linen shirts and smart trainers next summer, who knows!

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