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Paulo Coelho said, “Forget movies, Cannes is a fashion festival.” And he was right. Cannes is a true film celebration, but also an amazing celebration of glamour, style and beauty. Celebrities looking their best on the red carpet attract paparazzi’s from all over the world for 71 years.

The hottest questions we all seek answers to are:

What event will go to the history of this year’s festival

Who’s behind stars’ best creations this year? (jewels, shoes, dresses…)

Which moment(s) leave its mark during Cannes’ Festival 2018

 Two particular moments have been strongly noticed during this week. Women have taken a strong voice to stand behind their empowerment, and one actress has worn the same dress two times.

 After a year of troubles and scandals, women have decided to speak loudly and make a statement. On May the 12th, 82 women climbed the steps together to denounce sexual abuses and discrimination. This movement is led by Cate Blanchett, Agnes Varda, Salma Hayek, Claudia Cardinale, Kristen Stewart, Marion Cotillard and many more.

 And that’s not the only message that Cate Blanchett, Jury’s president of the official selection, delivered during the festival. In support of Giorgio Armani, she worn the same Armani dress for two different ceremonies in two different festivals. The goal is to denounce the consumerism in the fashion industry. 

Catt Blanchet


Which red carpet dresses have been in the spotlight throughout the Festival?

After having attracted attention with their acts, celebrities have caught paparazzi’s’ camera lenses with their fabulous garments. With boldness of colors, cuts and styles, they have pushed the fashion boundaries further and surprised the audience.


The red dress on the red carpet, a hit!

Every year stars dare to wear red dresses. There is no other occasion in the world where red color brings such elegance and glamour.  

Irana Shayke worn Versace’s widely open dress inspired by Roman Empire. Chopard accessorized Catrinel Menghia’s strapless voluptuous dress with emerald and diamond necklace.

Red dress


The Black dress is simple. Oh really?

Black, considered as classic, even safe color, with stars’ constant reinvention is still surprising. With embroideries, accessories or feathers, shiny or matte, silky smooth or see-through, designers are re-creating black each year. Isabelle Hupert sported a St Laurent dress, with a mix between a bright suit jacket and flying long skirt.

 Joan Small has made sensation with her Roberto Cavalli dress. Sexy and elegant at the same time, the dress is a pure masterpiece of refined play of fabrics and textures.


The powdery pink honored.

Everybody has talked about her. She was more sublime than ever in her long pink Dior dress.

Bella Hadid, Dior’s muse, honored the brand with this sumptuous dress on Friday 11th of May. The jewelry set from Bulgari completed her outfit. Once again, the model has overtaken the expectations people may have had.   

Black and ping dress


See you next year Cannes’ addicts.

Hope you enjoyed this year’s best looks and moments selection. If you want to see more style, comment this blog article and follow us on Facebook. We may create only for you a “back to Cannes’ Festival”.

Cannes is a game of constant recreation and reinvention, a game of surprise and delight. This festival is its own challenger each year. We cannot wait to see what it will bring next year. Hope you too!

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