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Birds singing, enjoying the sunshine without the sweltering heat. Spring heralds the opening wedding season. When you receive your first wedding invitation of 2018, the first question that comes to your mind is: what could I possibly wear?


Don’t panic I will give you some advice to found the perfect outfit



Wedding outfit




1. The first information you need to know is if there is a wedding theme.

In fact, it’s not unusual to have a theme or a dress code to respect for the wedding day. The bride and groom are quite fan of this practice to be sure to have an harmony between guests.  Most of the time is an imposed color for accessories, but it’s also can be the general theme of the wedding as nature lover or travel-theme.

In this case you have an indication style to follow. Found the perfect match between originality and sophistication.

Tip: if the wedding does not announce a theme you can ask about the location. It will be a clue about the atmosphere and frame of the ceremony.


2. Be bold in your choice.

Often we hear our friend say “I love this outfit but I will never dare wear it” Girls it’s time! Wedding is a perfect occasion to wear the outfit of your dream. So when you begin the search of your wedding outfit remember about those outfit that you would never dare to wear. Make a selection and pick the one you will be the most comfortable in. In fact, it’s not worth the pain to put on an outfit in which you will be uncomfortable during the all weeding. But you can find the wedding outfit between both of this solution.

 Tip: check all of your wishlist website your outfit is probably in.

3. Forecast your budget.

. In fact, wedding is the occasion to spend more money than usual in your dressing style. You have an excuse to spend without feeling guilty. After you need to choose how to spend this budget. You have several options

  • Separate equally your budget between all of your item
  • Elect one item to invests and be reasonable on the other items. This item will be the one to make the difference beside the other outfit.
  • Plan a part of your budget to be adviced. Let me explain, you can refer to a professional in the fashion field who can help you to find the perfect outfit for your morphology, taste, and make sure you do not make any mistake. I talk about a personal shopper. Found your perfect personal shopper

4. Don’t forget accessories.

Yes, they can sublimate your outfit. One detail can make the difference. Necklace, earrings, headband, so much possibility to embellish your outfit.

Some tips:                                                       

  • Opt for a clutch bag rather than a cumbersome bag.
  • Match your accessories with your boyfriend or your family.
  • If you will have other ceremonies in the same year, you can keep the same outfit and just change your accessories, it will make the difference.

5. Then, think about the second part of your night.

Take a second pair of shoes with you. Yes, everybody has already had sore feet after 6 hours with a 12 centimetres’ heels. When night falls the temperatures decreases, this is a good reason to have a scarf or a jacket to wear. Wedding equals dancing until the end of the night, so do not forget bandage in case of an eventual blister, and you might provide a second outfit more comfortable to make party all night. 

 That’s it you are ready for wedding season!

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