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Could you tell us who you are and why or how you became a personal stylist?

I am a freelance stylist and a personal shopper with a background in fashion and content marketing. Since I was in primary school I had an obsessive need to be around clothes and dress up people and later in life I was able to turn it into a career.

Do you describe yourself as a fashion addict?

Yes, I am, I used to be more of a shoe addict but now it has turned towards jewellery and clothes.


What part of being a personal stylist do you prefer the most? And the least?

Being able to make someone feel special and happy through clothes. Right now I like every aspect of my job, but if I am to pick a dislike it would be the disappointment of a specific product (which you particularly wanted to get for the client) being sold out.

What is your best memory as personal stylist?

Picking out a prom dress for a girl who was so delighted with the choice that she twirled and danced around and didn’t want to take off the dress for hours.

What is your motto?

Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence.

Who are your style muses?

It keeps changing overtime and it is not always someone famous.

What are your top 3 favourite items in your wardrobe?

Right now it is my pleated Hendry Holland glitter midi skirt, fuchsia sparkle top from River Island and high waist ankle grazers (jeans) by Savannah Miller.


Do you ever have nothing to wear?

Yes, at least 4-5 times every 4 weeks.

What are the investment pieces everyone should own?

Definitely a good pair of jeans, a nice jacket (that can be worn both day and night) and some trainers.

Having a personal stylist sound like an exclusive experience only for vips, but how would you describe your clients?

I have had clients from varying backgrounds and demographics. Personal stylist is for anyone who needs a bit of help and fun to fullfill their shopping/wardrobe needs.

How do you help your clients release their true style?

By giving them styling advice on the most suitable items for them but letting them decide which items to purchase/keep/wear.

If you had one piece of advice for a successful personal stylist session, what is it?

Be confident and always make your client feel relaxed and comfortable.

What is your favourite high street brand?

It changes from season to season depending on what they stock. Right now it is River Island and Coast.

What are the trends for this season?

Anything that is bright, sparkles and has animal print all over.

What is your one top fashion pick available instore now?

Pleated midi skirts. I love them in any form from patterns to prints to sparkles.


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