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Could you tell us who you are and why or how you became a personal stylist?

My name’s Danni, I’m 26 and from Birmingham. For 10 years now I’ve worked within the fashion industry, doing all sorts of different roles but found that styling is definitely where my passion lies, and something I’m good at too! I love putting outfits together, trying out new looks, & the switch between seasons. Most of all I appreciate getting the opportunity to build other people’s confidence & make them feel fabulous in what they’re wearing.

Do you describe yourself as a fashion addict?

I don’t know if I’d use the word addict, but “Fashion Enthusiast” or “Fashion Lover” definitely! It’s played such big part in my life for a decade, how could I not love it?!

What part of being a personal stylist do you prefer the most? And the least?

My favourite part of being a stylist has to be the buzz I get when a client is happy with their wardrobe. Seeing a big smile on their face & watching their confidence grow when they’re wearing a particular outfit is so lovely to see! The only bad part I’d say is keeping ontop of schedules (as I’ll admit I’ve never been the best at organising.. So thank goodness for apps and calendars on phones these days!)

What is your best memory as personal stylist?

One of my most fond memories of being a stylist has to be when I styled a catwalk show for Fashion Exhibition ‘Moda’. I have a strong background in Lingerie, and to be selected to style for one of their Lingerie catwalks was a pretty proud moment of mine.

What is your motto?

I don’t have a motto specifically related to my work, but my motto in life is to “Live everyday like it’s your last. Be happy, laugh a lot, do what you enjoy, and spend time with the ones you love.”

What are your top 3 favourite items in your wardrobe?

My 3 favourite pieces in my wardrobe have to be 1. A genuine vintage American Air Force leather bomber flight jacket.. With old uniform patches and dark brown leather it’s got a ton of character. Looks cool & adds a story to a simple casual outfit. 2. A chunky rollneck knit I picked up from Zara in Paris. A timeless beige colour with little flecks of colour throughout - I pair it with a little leather skirt & boots for the perfect Autumn/Winter look. 3. Has to be a pair of classic Levi’s 501 jeans.. Distressed to the max with a little turn up!

Do you ever have nothing to wear?

It’s not very often I feel like I don’t have anything to wear. I normally pull out a statement piece on days where I need a bit of inspiration, and it doesn’t seem to fail!

What are the investment pieces everyone should own?

100% investment in a nice black leather biker jacket. Something you can dress up or down for any occasion. A good fitting pair of high waisted trousers (check are usually beaut!) they’re super slimming & look great to wear out with a cropped sweat & heels. Also a nice chunky knit, a pair of fresh white lace up trainers, & definitely a trench coat - timeless!

Having a personal stylist sound like an exclusive experience only for vips, but how would you describe your clients?

Personal stylists aren’t just solely for VIP’s, but I aim to make ANYBODY feel like a vip being a client of mine. There isn’t a specific type of person that can have a stylist, just anybody that wants a helping hand, a bit of guidance & reassurance, or simply doesn’t have the time to sort out their wardrobe worries alone!

How do you help your clients release their true style?

I find a good way to release a clients true style is to find out what their favourite things to do are, and to find out who their favourite celebrity styles are. It’s a great platform to work with, as it helps me see what kind of trends/looks they are inerested in, and what they get upto regularly, so I can tailor outfits to an occasion/place. I always let my clients experiment with colours & prints, and they can try as much as they like until they are comfortable.

If you had one piece of advice for a successful personal stylist session, what is it?

A successful session involves a lot of chatting, laughing, trying-on, and I definitely feel that it has to be entered into with an open mind. If you ask me, all of those are a recipe for success.

What is your favourite high street brand?

My favourite high street store to shop in has to be Zara. I’m forever in there. They have hit the nail on the head with the way they create trendy, quirky pieces at affordable prices. Some of their collections can look like the most premium clothing, yet it doesn’t break the bank!

What are the trends for this season?

This season I’m absolutely loving a mini skirt with chunky knitwear and an ankle boot. Go for a print for a statement piece (leopard print, snakeskin, or chain print) Check trousers/cullottes. Brightly coloured knitwear for a pop of colour in a winter outfit. Wool coats. Colours- plum, burnt orange, mustard. As it gets nearer to christmas I’m sure there will be a bit of sparkle added to many outfits too!

What is your one top fashion pick available instore now?

An oversized check blazer in Zara. Beautiful with knitwear underneath, but could also look lovely on a night out with a lace body underneath, some leather look trousers and heels. Only £69.99 too, such a steal.

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