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Is flower print outdated? Absolutely not!  For sure the Spring/Summer season 2018 announce once again the flower’s print success. First adopted by the big Fashion designers, the flower print has known how to seduce influencer then us.

The first flower print appeared in London with Arthur Liberty, (draper) who developed a delicate and colourful tissue named “Liberty”.  In 60’s designers, Yves Saint Lauren and Cacharel brighten up their collection with flower print on the “Liberty” tissue and set the success of this first flower print in the fashion world; the “liberty”.   

What is the flower power? 

Flower power fashion word or Hippie’s movement ?  

 In 60’s Flower Power was a slogan used by the Hippie’s community to explain their non- violent state of mind. On the other hand Hippi's outfit was verry colorful but it was rare when their wear flower. Today the term Flower power has invaded the fashion universe to express the timeless success of the flower pattern.

 In fact, present in our wardrobe for a long time, this year the flower print is still fashionable. Why? Flowers make everybody happy. whatever your style romantic, tropical, bohemia rock and many other, flowers can adapt.  That’s the power!


Flower print still the star of the Fashion-week catwalks  

 The Fashion week shows are over, and the style to adopt for spring/summer has been unveiled. Guess what?  Flowers are on the list. Pants, dresses or handbags, the flowers where everywhere on the podiums from New-York to Paris and London to Milan. Chloé, Jason WU, Dolce Gabbana, fashion designers have honoured the print in their collection. This year tropical or exotic the flowers have dominated but you can choose to wear your flower print as you wish because it’s the Flower’s power.

FLower dresse


Flower's short


How find your fashion flower piece?

 If you have never worn flower before:

Is it probably because you didn’t find the right piece yet, anything to do with the fact you don’t dare or missed the trend.Ready to succumb the flower power, you can start with a basic piece as a lined flower (yes lined flower is becoming a basic) or opt to the accessories (bag, scarf …) 

 If you already have basic flower pieces:

It‘s the moment to try other flowers, flashier, more graphics, more original.  If usually, you wear little flower try big flower, change the colour, switch your discreet print to a noticeable pattern. Choose a daring flower item and match with other timeless pieces that you have in your wardrobe.

 If you are a flower lover:

The flower items are already the strongest pieces of your style. Pants, jacket, playsuit, flowers are the item which makes your outfit different. Don’t stop to assume the flower and inspire the world with your joyful outfit. One last thing have you spotted your next purchase?  

 Tips: Don’t make fashion mistake wear only one flower print at the same time.


Now you are a specialist of the Flower Power, feel free to create your perfect outfit with the timeless flower. There will be flower item everywhere this season.
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