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 In fashion field we can classify the look in several styles, and like everyone is unique you may find a whole range of styles. Today we describe for you 3 fashion styles we love: Classic, Bohemia and Casual.

Come on and deep into the fashion ocean!

The classic style: the elegant women

 The classic style is the ultimate style of elegance. Made of basic pieces, the look of those elegant women is composed of straight leg trousers, tailors, and sophisticated jacket. Navy blue, brown or black are their favorite colors due to the simplicity offered to accessorize them. Most of the time, by adding no ordinary accessories like colored jewelry, scarf, handbag or heels they make a real difference.

Chic and organized (you’ll never see her wardrobe disordered) the classic women  didn’t need to follow the fashion trends. They like to create outfits with no artifice which give them a timeless style by using some strong wardrobe pieces.

The classical women are first and foremost elegant natural and comfortable. Icon of this look? Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow


Isabel Lucas


The bohemian style: the poetic women

 Lace, fringes, prints, the bohemian women are dreamers, they bring the poetry in the fashion field. Inspired by the 70’s the bohemian look celebrates its revival every year. Lately it knew a big success thanks to festivals as Coachella where the bohemian style is the most important rule. The bohemian women generally wear loos fit, fluid outfit, and natural colors. These women want to be comfortable but desirable in their outfit.  By revealing part of their bodies, they are unintentionally sexy with a little pinch of elegance .

The look of the bohemian women is composed of sweat pieces. Steamy lace blouse, longue ethnique print skirt, or the suede perfecto with fringe. For the color, definitely the white! The boho outfit is also completed with natural color as the beige, camel...

Braid, scarf in her hair the bohemian women are dressed from head to toe. Icon of this look? Is Isabel Lucas. 

The casual style: the relaxed women

 The casual style is the way to look relax, modern and elegant in the same outfit. How to combine those adjective to create a mix of nonchalance and elegance? By finding inspiration in the “haute-couture” and  sportswear fields. Comfortable and chic this style which is perfect for all the part of the day, at work, for a promenade, for an after work etc… They like cotton, linen and Kashmir tissues which bring a refined effect.

The casual women are often seen wearing a well-cut jean, a blouse, a relaxed cardigan and medium sized heel.  Beige, grey, and warm color, the casual style makes women feeling more confident with colors and pop style. It’s an urban look and do you know who is the icon for this style? Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba


Fashion and confidence

Your style is part of you, so even if you may enjoy different kind of styles they are probably quite close. Are you classic during the day and grunge in the evening? If you are wondering which style is made for you and that each morning it is a stressful experience to pick up your clothes (not always the same), it may be time to ask a personal stylist for help. These experts will bring you the confidence you may missing due to your undefined style…

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