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You need one day to change your image. At least with me as your personal stylist. Often, when we want to make an adjustment in our life, we see it as a big project and a long-term process which prevents us from taking that 1st step and going for it. It is much easier to abandon the idea altogether. We think; “changing my image is not like going for a haircut, I need a lot of time which I do not have!”. Money is another factor that buries our dreams of a better version of ourselves; “if I hire a personal stylist, I will need to spend thousands on wardrobe styling and then loads on shopping as I have nothing I can wear!”, we think. The “against” reasons are suddenly weighing over the arguments in favour of hiring someone who can objectively help us to look our best.

I would like you to put aside for a moment all the preconceptions that you have and read this.

To make a change in your looks and how you feel about yourself, you need to go through the two of the 3-step process work I do with my clients; the first is “know your colours” and the second is “dress for your shape.” The third step of “shop wise” is not even in the equation when we meet for the first time at your home for Colour& Wardrobe styling session.


Did you know that you can wear all the colours but not all the colour tones? Yes, that’s right! When you say green or red is not for me, you are wrong. You may not like a certain colour but you should know that everyone has “their” tone of green, blue, purple or even white which are in sync with their natural colouring. I show my clients first what colour palette there are from the 4 seasonal colour palettes of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The operative word here is “to show” as with the colour analysis done in the right way, together with the client, you see how magically a colour tone in harmony with your skin tone, eyes and hair makes you look visibly more attractive, as opposed to a colour tone contrasting with you and, consequently, making you less attractive. You do not need to learn the whole philosophy behind colours, all you need to learn is whether you are warm or cool, dark or light and bright or muted. With time, you will be able to recognise the colour tones that belong to your colour palette.

Happy client after a colour analysis

A client during Colour Analysis session with basic day make up applied (far right end)


Happy client using colours analysis

A client after a Colour& Wardrobe Styling session with my basic make up application

Knowing which colour tones enhance your looks by making your skin look more radiant, by decreasing the visibility of fine lines, eyeshadows, spots etc and by sharpening the contours of our face, to mention just few, is one of the best investments you can make in your looks. This knowledge helps you become aware of what suits you in terms of makeup, hair colour and clothes. Just think how much money it will save you in a long term!

After discovering your colour palette, I will show you how to apply your best day make up. I also review your make up kit to make sure you have the right cosmetics and should you miss anything, I make a recommendation. Step 1 of looking your best in a day has been completed.

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