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The improve your style in one day - part 1 reminder...

You need one day to change your image. At least with me as your personal stylist. Often, when we want to make an adjustment in our life, we see it as a big project and a long-term process which prevents us from taking that 1st step and going for it. It is much easier to abandon the idea altogether. We think; “changing my image is not like going for a haircut, I need a lot of time which I do not have!”. Money is another factor that buries our dreams of a better version of ourselves; “if I hire a personal stylist, I will need to spend thousands on wardrobe styling and then loads on shopping as I have nothing I can wear!”, we think. The “against” reasons are suddenly weighing over the arguments in favour of hiring someone who can objectively help us to look our best.

I would like you to put aside for a moment all the preconceptions that you have and read this.

To make a change in your looks and how you feel about yourself, you need to go through the two of the 3-step process work I do with my clients; the first is “know your colours” and the second is “dress for your shape.” The third step of “shop wise” is not even in the equation when we meet for the first time at your home for Colour& Wardrobe styling session.


The truth is that we can all look both stunning and ugly. As bad as it sounds, it is the reality of many. The reason is that we are blissfully unaware of how we really look like and how to dress to accentuate our best bits. Therefore, we see so many ladies with great visual potential wearing clothes which make them look shorter, wider, heavier or disproportionate. The influence of trends and what everyone is wearing, is huge in the way we shop and what we wear. The rule to remember here is “one solution does not fit all” and for the image it translates that what looks good on one person, will not necessarily look great on us. It is time to stop comparing yourself to others and focus on what you have and how to make the most of it.

Feminine client after a wardrobe review

A client after Colours& Wardrobe Styling who wanted to be more elegant and feminine

Feminine client after a wardrobe review

A client after Colour& Wardrobe Styling session who was very conscious of her body shape but she learnt how to dress to focus on her best assets

I explain to my clients their body proportions, I show them their slimmest parts and I explain which clothes will work for their advantage. You would not believe how many clients of mine did not know where exactly their waist was! The cut of clothes, the fabric and patterns plus accessories are essential in helping us create the proportions of an hourglass shape. Yes, you can achieve this enviable shape without going under knife of painful surgical operations.

The style that emerges during the session is aligned with your lifestyle and your needs. If you are a super busy mum that needs to run around a 3-year-old for a big part of the day and have occasional dinner dates with your husband, you need solid outfit sets for these occasions so when you open your wardrobe, you have solutions hanging right there. The key to great looks for every occasion is to know which shapes work and do not work for you. Everything that makes you look unattractive and plays against your proportions, should leave your wardrobe immediately. Anything that you have not worn for years and does not suit you, should go too including the items still with the price tags. This is how you are finding out if and what you need, only now you should consider going for shopping if the personal stylist identified gaps in your closet. Now you can go and spend money because you know what suits you in terms of colours, shape and fit of clothes as well as style.

Feminine client after a wardrobe review

A client after Colours& Wardrobe styling session, a busy mum who needed to refresh her style suited to her new life and body

The step no. 2 of changing in a day in complete and you are a different person because you have seen yourself anew. The change is documented on the images which stay with you as a reminder of how you looked when you opened the door that morning or afternoon. It will never be the same again once you see yourself the way a personal stylist sees you.

Is that enough to convince you that hiring a personal stylist is the best decision you can make?

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