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If your lifestyle has changed, chances are that so has your fashion sense. You may have even come to a point at which you want to completely redefine your wardrobe. If so, that’s perfectly okay. Just make sure that you plan ahead and stick to a budget.

Make an Extensive Shopping List

If you’re going to completely reinvent your wardrobe, one of the first things you need to do is make a full list. Not knowing what you want ahead of time could lead to impulsive and irresponsible shopping. You need to consider what you see for yourself and not try to go along with what anyone else is wearing. One of the best ways to establish what clothes your looking for and what look you are dreaming of is to consult a style coach or personal stylist. Just because something may look good on your friend or relative doesn’t mean that it will suit you. Reinventing your wardrobe is about investing in what you like, and it’s also about investing in a new persona.

Comb Through Your Current Wardrobe

The second thing you need to do is go through your wardrobe and try on the clothes you already have. Without thinning the ranks, you probably won’t have room for your new clothes. If there are wardrobe pieces you know are valuable and want them to last, you can carefully store them. If you want to make something an heirloom but you don’t have room for it inside your home, you can always put it in a storage facility.

When you’re absolutely sure that you no longer want them anymore, donating clothes is always a good idea. It’s beneficial for the charitable cause you choose, and it’s good for the environment. There's probably a lot of life left in them, and many people are now turning to thrift stores to shop for clothing.

Let Your Clothes Reflect You

Whatever you do, don’t try to follow trends or wear what the celebrities are currently sporting. First, you want to focus on looking like yourself. Second, you want to get something that you will be able to wear every day and to work. Third, following trends is expensive, and many people have gone into debt trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Wardrobe reinvention is a very big and bold step. You'll be introducing your new self to the world, so you'll want to ensure that it was worth your effort, money and time. Be imaginative, be courageous, and above all, be yourself. If you do, you should also be ready for c

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