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During a fashion show in London, we have had the opportunity to meet Padmapriya, brand’s owner of PadmapriyaCS Ltd and saree’s designer. Like we’d love to know more about the brand and the fashion designer we have questioned her.


Hello Padmapriya, could you tell us what PadmapriyaCS Ltd is?

In 2014 I ventured my own clothing company PadmapriyaCS limited in India and United Kingdom. We sell traditional handloom kaanchivaram silks, dazzling partywear chiffons and printed sarees. Some of our Sarees are hand embroidered by our craftsmen in golden zardosi, antique beads, shining pearls and crystal stone works which add beauty elegance and uniqueness for the wearer.
Silk is one of the richest fabric widely used in Asia and worn on many occasions. Silk making is a traditional textile art of India. The production of handloom sarees is important for economic development in rural India. The vision of my brand is to transform India’s traditional clothing more fashionable and accepted worldwide.

Does becoming a designer was your childhood dream job?

Yes, I have always had a strong love for art in all forms. Unfortunately, as I couldn’t excel in all fields I narrowed my interests towards, Painting, Handicrafts, sewing and Barathanatiyam Dance. I love to be creative and innovate new things and that made me start designing and making my own clothes since small age. To widen my knowledge in dressmaking and fashion I needed a professional course and did B.A FD (Hons) in Pearl Academy of Fashion, Indian (Affiliated by Nottingham Trent University) and also a six months exchange programme at Heriot-Watt University Scotland.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

Be bold and keep the person close to you who encourages, motivates and support your talents and ignore the ones with a simple smile who thinks less of you laughs at your dreams and puts you down. The best way to back answer these negative persons is with your success.
This was told to me by my dad, who has been very supportive and backbone of who I am today.

What or who inspires you when designing new products?

Being born in India, a place rich in culture and heritage, I get Inspirations for my designs from its culture and architectures such as Hindu temples and Mughal buildings. I am also inspired by Japanese pattern making techniques and incorporate some of those styles into my designs. My motive is to bring a transformation in Indian fashion without losing its unique traditional importance.

When you design your items, which feeling do you want to share with people?

Being born as a girl in a place with male dominating people it was not very easy for me to have a dream and follow it. I was judged by saying “Don’t try to be a Man, Remember you are a woman” So this is what I want to break, I want to bring a message that a woman can be as Kind, loving, Caring and supportive and also be more than that by being, Strong, bold, Ambitious, intelligent, determined and independent.. . And these are the qualities I have brought forward to my designs in form of Bold feminine designs with innovative pattern making methods, unique design ideas such as adding Swarovski stones to bridal sarees, Elegance and richness through the usage of fabrics like Silk and golden zari thus making her feel confident and standout. 

Among all the clothes and products you have created, which one do you prefer?

The Speciality of Padmapriya CS brand is the use Swarovski stones and heavy zardosi works on handloom bridal Silk Sarees. This has made the bride feel more elegant and rich. I would also say that is how we stand out from other designer saree boutiques and the best quality in my designs.

What could we wish you for the future?

My aim is to support India’s traditional textile-making craft in hand loom. I want to bring awareness among the people about the importance and health benefits of natural fibres such as silk and cotton. I want to be a part and support “Make in India” dream and thus help to improve the economic development of our rural India. And as I mentioned earlier I want to achieve this by taking my brand to a wider global market with your support.

If you want to discover the range of products designed by PadmapriyaCS Ltd you can visit the website





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