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1. Could you tell us who you are and why or how you became a personal stylist?

Hi, I am Roxy Henley, red carpet fashion stylist and personal shopper. I first realised I was good at shopping for other people when I was 14. My friends always wanted me to pick clothes for them to try on and we’d have fashion shows in the changing rooms at Topshop! After studying Fashion with Business under some incredible tutors I styled VIP clients as Studio Manager at London based luxury designer Osman which eventually led to freelance styling.



2. Do you describe yourself as a fashion addict?

To me, style is far more important than fashion. Finding an eternal style that makes you feel utterly yourself and fabulously confident is the key to everyday fulfilment and easy mornings. My signature style has two totally contrasting characters, which I use for different occasions. The first is ladylike – elegant and classic with a hint of my quirky sense of humour in the form of lipstick or accessories. The second is sports-lux, which is basically stylish trainers, chic separates and lots of complementary (not matching) colours. My personal style is far more important to me than fashion trends and I love helping clients realise their personal fashion visions too.



3. What part of being a personal stylist do you prefer the most? And the least?

I thrive on my relationships with people so to me, having a positive impact on a client’s self-esteem and confidence is the absolute best part of my job. I also love seeing the designer collections at London Fashion Week but that has also become one of my least favourite parts of my job too. The shows are really oversubscribed with hundreds of extra tickets sent out which means getting in and getting your seat has become very difficult. The circus of the occasion has ruined the point of it, where loads of C class (or lower) celebrities are getting the seats of fashion buyers, writers and stylists, it will be the brands that suffer long-term.



4. What is your best memory as personal stylist?

I was lucky enough to be involved in the birthday surprise of a client. Her husband booked me to show up at the end of her birthday lunch and whisk her away for an afternoon of personal shopping. She was absolutely delighted, we had a really successful shop and she kindly wrote me a really touching review afterwards.



5. What is your motto?

My personal motto is ‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’ It has served me well because it gives me the strength to talk to anyone, ask the difficult questions and go the distance. We are all so bound by fear in its many incarnations and because we are blessed to live in relatively safe cities, most of them are social constructs or insecurities that can be overcome with courage.



6. Who are your style muses?

I love the style of Cate Blancett and her stylist Elizabeth Stewart. Cate isn’t the youngest actress on the red carpets but to me, she is always the most exciting to look at. Cate has the most incredible looks, full of creativity, well polished, glamorous and surprising. I also adore the sophisticated taste of Bergdorf Goodman department store’s Director of Women’s Fashion Linda Fargo. She uses minimalistic colour pallets and exaggerated silhouettes to be truly fashion forward and always elegant.




7. What are your top 3 favourite items in your wardrobe?

I am a shoe-aholic! I love my big-splash Valentino Rock Stud shoes that have been very popular with luxury shoe enthusiasts (but I feel mine have an edge due to their unusual maroon colour). My second favourite pair are a silly fluffy and sequined pair of ASOS mules that are more to look at then wear, although they have come on a few trips to Soho with me! Thirdly, I couldn’t live without my Zara trainers that are super comfortable, fun yet still grown up.



8. Do you ever have nothing to wear?

Even though I am a fashion expert, I still have days where nothing feels right! In those times I change my way of thinking. As I mentioned before, I am a shoe-aholic so I tend to dress from the bottom up depending on what shoes I want to wear. If this technique isn’t working for me on any particular day I’ll start with another item first, for instance, what jacket I want to wear or which handbag. Doing this means you end up using some items that aren’t usually you go-to and that is a great thing!


9. What are the investment pieces everyone should own?

I think this depends heavily on your location and lifestyle. For me in London, living a fast paced and social lifestyle, stylish and well fitting jeans and jackets are important and a great white t-shirt can be worn a million ways. I go from shopping around London with clients to industry parties and launches to see the new collections so I need fabulous accessories that can dress up my daytime look for evening. That also means the basic bones of the outfit must be high-quality and oose character. Invest in your basics, basically!



10. Having a personal stylist sound like an exclusive experience only for vips, but how would you describe your clients?

A personal shopping appointment usually starts with a problem. ‘I don’t know what suits me’, ‘I feel frumpy’, ‘My body has changed’, and ‘I’ve started a new job’ are all common. I see new mums and birthday outfit hunters. Businessmen looking for something different and dads seeking weekend wear. I have shopped with movie stars and the very wealthy, but it’s just as fun helping a bride find the perfect honeymoon looks or make someone suffering from an illness feel beautiful again with flattering fashion. Every appointment is bespoke because no two clients are the same, but the results always are!



11. How do you help your clients release their true style?

The power of clothing to make you feel fantastic can sometimes get lost amongst the marketing messages of brands trying to make us spend more and more. We also get into habits of wearing the same pieces of clothing the same way over and over. This results in a rut of feelings of inadequacy and sometimes a wardrobe full of clothes we never wear. When you’re shopping with me it is about how you feel first and foremost because confidence is the sexiest, attractive thing a person can wear! I find my clients clothing they love, that they are comfortable wearing and that works with their lifestyle. This basically means they know what makes them feel good in terms of fabric, fit, colour and silhouette and can go on to apply that code to future shopping or occasions.



12. If you had one piece of advice for a successful personal stylist session, what is it?

Be open-minded. I want the best for my amazing clients and I want them to feel fantastic not only at the end of our appointment but every morning when they get ready for their day. Most people are open to trying new things because that is what they are at the appointment to do but change can also be difficult. I just need clients to be willing to try things on that they may not usually pick so I can demonstrate how switching styles could be brilliant for them. There’s never any pressure to purchase clothes although my clients are almost always pleasantly thrilled with the new styles I find them.



13, What is your favourite high street brand?

I couldn’t pick just one favourite because they each do different things really well. Zara for classy, high-fashion trend-led pieces, Topshop for quirky finds, Coast for occasion wear and House of Fraser for the full variety. My most recent purchases were chelsea boots from Joules and some cosy loungewear from Superdry but I probably buy for myself the most from & Other Stories because they are full of structural but subtle jewellery and stylish casual wear that is well put together. It’s perfect for me, but then again I am their target customer so it should be!


14. What are the trends for this season?

Corduroy in every shade of the rainbow is in this winter, which I love for its durability, warmth and bad reputation. The fashion industry is getting over it’s 90’s obsession from the past two years now and designers were showing 80’s style evening dresses for Autumn/Winter 2018 so that is sure to take off for the Christmas parties! Yellow and lime are the surprise key colours for the fashion-forward this autumn, worn with rusty shades of orange and contrasted against black.



15. What is your one top fashion pick available instore now?

This tortoiseshell kitten heel pointed boots from Monki will go with everything in your wardrobe. Elevating a casual jeans to stylish new heights or looking perfect with a printed midi dress. The tortoise shell look will give life to a plain outfit or be subtle enough to complement a printed dress or skirt. So versatile!


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