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Day after day we are browsing the Twittosphere to pick up for you the tweets we like.

This week, we have selected 3 tweets. 2 should have an important impact on the fashion industry and most widely in our relations with both women and men and also with our planet Earth.

Because the New-York Fashion Week and all Fashion weeks must be supportive!

During the New York Fashion Week the French designer Myriam Chalek has given a wide exposure by supporting the #meetoo movement. 8 models have been abused or sexually harassed but during the show, they have spoken about their life and their feeling.

Tom Ford's models were handing bags with the text "Pussy Power".

These designers are not the only two, we are just hoping the Miss World speech could come true.

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Does the fashion industry will have a positive impact on the planet?

The London Fashion Week will have a lot of sustainable items. You may have already been aware of the Stella Mc Cartney collection, or the Vin and Omi initiative. They recycle plastic bottles to create clothes.

Does this trend is strong enough to have a real impact on the fashion industry, we don't know but among challenges to face this one can't be left apart.

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When fashion rhymes with swimsuit.

Sometimes, you could ask yourself if the reason why the Fashion Weeks exist is not only to astonish you but to make you smile. 

Do you remember these, not so ancient days, where ladies had bathing caps to take care of their hairstyle while they were at the beach? No! So you should have a look at the Richard Malone AW18 collection. 

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See you next week with another tweets selection.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your look.

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