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In a world where most of our fashion choices seem to be dictated by Instagram and Fast Fashion retailers, we are leading towards a future in Uniform.

This makes us very easily forget that what is truly ON TREND is having our own unique style, which is a mix of fashion and Personality.

If you are bored and frustrated with the way you look, a good way to fix these negative feeling is by making small changes to the way we dress,  together with the understanding that YOUR personality is what makes YOU stand out more than any Instagram approved trends.

3 Easy Steps:


Play with Accessories

If you have a bubbly and outgoing personality create your look with big, bold accessories.

This could be a statement necklace, chandelier earrings, or a chunky bracelet.







A big coloured handbag or coloured pumps will also do the trick.





If you are more reserved and introverted, or even if you are very driven by accessories and tend to wear way too many at the same time, you can go for a dainty necklace for a more minimalistic touch or just pair your watch with a simple bracelet.





Be playful with fashion

If you are wearing only skirts, change and use palazzo pants or culottes which resemble the shape and the flow of a skirt.





If you prefer wearing trousers and not wanting to show your legs, take advantage of the casual look of the moment and invest in dresses that fall loose, which can also be paired with boots.







Or a flowy jumpsuit which will give you the comfort of trousers, but with the feminine touch of a dress.



Blue jumpsuit

Keep your style by choosing neutral colours and simple cuts, if you like a classic style, or opt for print if, on the other hand, you like a more colourful ensemble.


Change your hair and make-up

Yes, I know this is not related to Fashion but whenever one wants some change it always starts from the hairstyle.

Probably because having our hair cut is the easiest and less drastic type change we can bring upon ourselves … worst case scenario the hair will grow back.

Little changes in the way you comb or pack your hair as well as perhaps wearing a bold coloured lipstick can do a lot to your looks and definitely show more of your personality as well as giving you an extra boost of confidence.





Incorporating this little changes can truly change the way you see yourselves, make you feel more motivated when getting dressed and improve your mood in general, but most of all they will change the perceptions others have of you.

They may truly give you the possibility to show your personality, and become TRENDY,  in ways you never thought possible.


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