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We can speak about the wedding season without raiseing even one time the subject of the Pantone colour. It’s a real inspiration for the wedding planner, wedding display and any person working in the wedding field. The Pantone colour is important in fashion but

it’s in the wedding field where it constitute a rule to keep in mind!

The 2018 Pantone’s colour

At the beginning, Pantone was an organisation which created colour chart for the cosmetic market. Born in 1866, this small organisation grown rapidly up and has become the reference for the entire world. Every year, the fashion industry expects the annual leading Panton Colour. This year the ultra violet has been selected as the Pantone colour of the year. Not only aesthetics decides of the choice, each colour has a meaning. The ultra violet means the cosmo’s mystery, the intrigue of the future, the discovery beyond what we know now. It embodies limitless development. This poetic and romantic meaning puts the ultra-violet in favourite place for the selection of the wedding leading theme. So how to create a wedding ceremony under the ultra violet elegance?

Touch of ultra violet in the outfit

For the brides.

We don’t advise the Bride to swap the traditional white dresses for an ultra violet one, obviously. But the colour can be dispersed in the bride’s accessories. You can choose the pump, jewelry, head accessories, followed by the flower bouquet in the tone of the ultra violet. But you are not the only one who can wear the colour on during the wedding day. The Groom can match his tie and tissue with the same colour theme.

For the Bridesmaids.

The girls can wear it in a plain color dress, and guys can be super stylish while wearing an ultra violet pair of socks.

Accessories are your best friends to bring the colour touch in your wedding outfit.

 Ultra violet flowers. 

Some ideas for an ultra violet flowers for your wedding.

For the brides.

The classical and famous orchid for the bride bouquet are truly timeless choice. You can match white and ultraviolet in the same bouquet or opt for whole ultra violet. The orchid is the widespread flower for the wedding and attributes its success due to its natural resistance. 

Decoration of the  place.

Think also about the glycine, campanula, anemone, or verbena which are the flower type you can found in the ultra violet. The latter will come sublimate the wedding hall.


With some imagination and inspiration, the Pantone colour of the year can become a real wedding theme. Colorful for those who like stronger accents, or subtly integrated with white for others, the ultra-violet can be present in your wedding from the carpet till your glasses (violet liqueur or lavender for the cocktail). You can pick-up some inspiration on Instagram or brief your wedding planner for some advices for the decoration ideas.

You also can contact a personal stylist in term of fashion advices for you and your bridesmaid. We know it may be challenging to find the perfect fashion ultra violet match, but with an advise from a professional, it brings your best out!


Ready to meet the challenge of the Ultra-violet wedding them? Let’s go !

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