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Saturday 19 of April 2018 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will say “Yes” in front of their 800 guests in the St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The Royal wedding is a good occasion to write you a new article on the wedding theme.

So ladies, today My Shopping Date will help you to select your perfect dress, and do shopping for the future wedding invitation will be a set of children.

 Firstly, each woman is as unique as her body is. That’s why you need to know your morphology before picking your dress. Be ready to highlight your silhouette and receive many compliments!



There are 5 morphologies to recognize and the easiest to know yours is to look at you in the mirror Focus on your shoulder, waist and hip, you should now see the letter you are:

  • A triangle, you are a “A”
  • A reverse triangle, you are a “V”
  • A rectangle, you are a “H”
  • A round, you are a “O”
  • A cross, you are a “X”

Find your guest dress if you are A

You have around hip larger than your shoulder and a thin waist. In the fruits world, you will be a pear. So, pretty pear put the light on the top of your body. Permit you a dress with a thin strap, or an envelope style neckline. The dress should be close fitting which show of your bust mark the waist and flare out from the mark. It’s the best way to put the light on your silhouette.

 Find your guest dress if you are V

As the name says V it’s the reverse of the triangle silhouette. Your hip is smallest than your shoulder you have thin legs and most of the time a generous bust. Legs are your asset so show it with a short dress above your knees. Regarding the top of the dress opt for the sleeve and a loose tissue.

 Find your guest dress if you are H

If you are an H your shoulder waist and hip are on the same alignment. Lucky girl you also are a fruit and you are a banana! So, your waist is not very significant. You should create the shape’s illusion. Use gather crease or drapery to do it. Enjoy yourselves with the low-cut neckline. The best item for you is the empire or trapeze dress.

Find your guest dress if you are O

 You have a round silhouette. Yes, you are the last fruit but not least. Hello, apple to you the most important point is the matter. Select a tissue not too tight. The ideal is a cut straight dress, that permits a lightness sensation, pleasurable to wear. The recommended length is a dress stopping at your knees.  To complete this dress a stole is welcoming.

 Find your guest dress if you are X

Shoulder and hip are developed but you have a thin waist. The best for you is a dress which marks your waist and becomes flared under it. You can wear and it’s advised a dress which shows your décolleté.

Note you are in the wedding, not a party so stay elegant!

 How accessorize your wedding dress?

In fact, the dress is the unique piece of your outfit, so pleasure you with some accessories.

Heel blocks or wedge heel, necklace, bracelet, rings complete your outfit according to your preference and your personality. Now you are ready to choose the dress the most adapted to your morphology and beautify with accessories.



Probably the most important rule is: white is only for the bride! Feel free to dare some colours (green, purple, pink…)

To have some other advice about what to wear for the wedding season you can read our latest wedding article “ Be ready for the wedding season”



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