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If you had been in London this weekend, you would have heard about the Virgin Money London Marathon and Her Majesty The Queen as the official starter at the opening ceremony. 

This beautiful ceremony and the thousands of runners have inspired me to write about


It is finally spring and the warmer weather is coming, so this is a great occasion to start running regardless of your level and habits. The blooming-trees, the first ray of sunshine, it has everything to create a perfect vibe to run. Don’t forget, spring is also subject to temperature variation, that’s why I have prepared you three running outfits to be ready in any circumstance.

The indispensable

First, the most important thing is your running shoes, neglect this aspect is not good for your health. Every people is different so you need to found your perfect match shoes. The best way to finding them is to go in a specialized store and take advice from a professional.

Running shoes

The Second essential stuff is for you girls, your bra, it’s a comfort issue. Try to run one time with and you will not be able to run without! 

Running outfit 1: To face cold temperatures (less than 10 °)

A Long legging

  • Type of cloth to put on: Spandex this cloth allows a greater compression of the body, and increase muscle performance thanks to an activation of blood flow.
  • Most: This type of cloth allows an easier recovery after the run.

A Long sleeve t-shirt

  • Type of cloth to put on: Lycra, extensible and lightweight, it offers a greater freedom of movement.
  • Most: It is a very comfortable cloth.

 A lightweight jacket

  • Type of cloth to put on: Coolmax focuses on thermoregulation, this cloth permits to evacuate humidity and keep the runner dry during the effort.
  • Most: Dry in a record time


cold running outfit


Running outfit 2: with fresh temperature (10 to 14°)


Running outfit 1


A ¾ legging

  • Switch your longue legging to the ¾ legging
  • Most: You can found slimming legging to refine your silhouette.

Short sleeve t-shirt

  • Switch your longue sleeve t-shirt to the lightness of a short sleeve.
  • Most: A skinny form-fitting t-shirt, the more comfortable running outfit, it allows you to be spacious in your movements


  • Switch your jacket to a windbreaker, you don’t need anything more than your jacket, because it brings heat, just enough to be protected from the outside temperature
  • Most: Windbreaker isolates your body from the outside temperature and keeps the heat product by your physical exertion.

Running outfit 3: Appreciate the sweet temperature (14 to 20°)

A short

  • Privilege short item to act against the overheating

A longshoreman

  • Run lightly, with a simply outfit

With the first ray of sunshine, a short and a light running outfit don’t forget to use solar cream to protect your skin.




Running outfit is a real source of motivation. Feel comfortable in your outfit it’s feeling well in your sport session. You can choose to wear flash colour for more motivation. Running outfit is more and more trendy and brands are developing running outfit collection, but keep in mind quality is a lot more important than quantity. Complete your wardrobe with outfits that you love and you will be excited to go for a run.

How to complete your wardrobe?

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