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If you've been preparing for a first date, chances are you're feeling a bit nervous. After all, a first date is a huge deal and a big opportunity. Going on a first date can be incredibly exciting; however, it can also be challenging to prepare for. Fortunately, several outfit choices will help you look absolutely fabulous on your date. Remember to consider what activities you'll be doing on your date before you choose your outfit. For example, if you're going to go roller skating or hiking, you'll want to dress differently than if you're going to a nice dinner.

1. T-Shirt Dress

If you want something that's casual, yet pretty, consider wearing a t-shirt dress on your date. This is a fashionable and feminine choice that is both comfortable and lovely. Consider accessorizing your dress with a dainty necklace, or for a trendy look, a fashion fanny pack (this is especially important if you’re going to do something active). You can also add a light denim jacket or shrug if you're planning on going somewhere nice. Remember that your shoes can dress up or down your outfit, so opt for heels if you want your dress to look a little bit more formal, or choose sandals for a more out-and-about look.

2. Jeans

One of the best go-to outfit choices is jeans. Pair your jeans with a blouse for a casual, yet professional look, or if you’re going somewhere more playful, a cropped polo shirt or an oversized fashion tee. Remember to add jewelry to add dimension to your outfit, such as small hoop earrings or simple studs. Jeans, as versatile as they are, go with just about any shoe option, so your choice is going to depend on what type of top you’re going to be using. Stick to sneakers and boots for the more casual looks, and leave heels and strappy flats for the more semi-formal ones.

3. Skirt

If you're planning to go on a long walk on the beach or you're going to a nice dinner, you may find that a skirt is the perfect first date outfit. You can couple this with a sleeveless top during the summer or a long-sleeved blouse (and tights!) during the winter. Opt for a shorter skirt if you want a trendy look or choose something long and luxurious for fancier destinations, such as the theater or high-end restaurants.

4. Maxi Dress

This is a great pick for the spring months, as many of these dresses have light designs featuring stripes and florals. These can be rather easy to wear, but can definitely limit your movement, so try to wear them on more passive dates where you’ll be only eating or watching a movie. Maxi dresses tend to be on the more casual side, but depending on the style (you can even tie them to shorten them on the fly), you can definitely dress them up with block heels and a perfect clutch.

The jewelry you wear will also depend on the style, but try to stick with minimalist necklaces and earrings when you have loud or busy prints on the dress, and go with larger and more statement jewelry when you’re only wearing a solid color. That being said, jewelry on dates should be beguiling and catch the eye, but not overwhelm it. Use it as a layering piece, and do so carefully.


No matter what type of outfit you choose to wear, remember that an essential part of your date is being yourself and feeling great. If you need some more help on achieving that perfect comfortable look, we’re here for you! Remember to have fun and relax as much as possible. The right outfit can help you stay calm and in control of your date, so take the time to choose something that makes you feel genuinely incredible.


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