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With these scorching temperatures, it's hard not to dream about your summer holiday. The sun on your skin, the sound of the waves in your ears, the tingling taste of a mojito in your mouth. But why wait for your week off! What better way to escape from reality than selecting your swimsuit for summer 2018?

HERE ARE THE HOTTEST SWIMSUIT TRENDS IN 2018. Ensuring you are forever fashionABLE whether POOLSIDE OR on the beach

The One-piece swimsuit is the new wardrobe essential

This is the year to be seduced by the one-piece, gone are the days where the one-piece was only for athletes, It now takes centre stage, seducing us all with its elegance and glamour.

Advice for your silhouette

If you have a generous chest or a rounded silhouette: you should take a plunging neckline swimsuit with good support this will keep the focus upwards. Ruching around the middle can also help to conceal your stomach.

If you have a big bottom: you should look for designs with solid bottoms and printed tops - which will help balance out your body shape.

If you have back fat: best to avoid small straps and opt for thicker straps and high backs to smooth away any bulges.

If you have a small chest: the best bet is to go for a top with embellishments or ruffles to give the illusion of a larger chest.

If you have a thin silhouette: any busy prints (which are very much on trend) can add beutiful dimensions.



swim suit




The two pieces, the timeless essential of your capsule swimming wardrobe.

While the one-piece takes centre stage this summer there will forever be a place for the two-piece. Why? It’s synonymous with liberation and is the best way to perfect a tan.

Get playful by mixing the top and bottom, with only two or three swimsuits you can create powerful combinations and feel like a person with a huge swimming wardrobe! Sexy or more sophisticated bikini, you just have to make a choice.

Noticed on the fashion week catwalk, a colourful item is always allowed in the swimsuit field, they bring joy and fun on the beach, so we love it! The asymmetric and fringe combination was also drawing much attention at the shows

Advice for your silhouette

You are round on the hip and leg area: Choose a two pieces underwear like a bandeau for your chest which is tied around the neck. For the bottom take an item with knot clasp.

You have a thin silhouette: Put the light on the colours and form, liberty or tropical print, asymmetric swimsuit, let the funny part of your brain takes over!





Swim suit





The High waist line rise to be an essential of the swimming wardrobe

2018 marks the second life of the high waist! First successful in the 50’s, Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth were the emblematic figures of this trend. It’s now time to make a comeback for this forgotten item!

Overview on the fashion week catwalk, the Vichy print for the retro side or for the more classical girl the black a sure value.

Advice for your silhouette

You have a small chest, do not hesitate to opt for a pad or choose another one with knot, fringe or print. Your goal is to create volume. Once it’s done, you just have to match your top with a simple high waist and that’s done!

You have a rounded stomach; the high waist is made for you. Opt for a plain color and the shape of the item will do its thing.

Each silhouette has a perfect swimsuit made for them. It may feel like a search in the ocean, but My Shopping Date can help you release your true style.

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