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Why should you not forget the Mother's day this Sunday, March 11?

You love your mother as much as she loves you but when was the last time you told her I love you? Don't forget she carried you inside her 9 months. When you grew up, she was here to make the feel-good dishes you enjoy or also to dry your tears after you broke up with your first love and the following too... 


which gift is the best to show my mother I love her?

She is your mother, so you certainly have already some ideas. But did you remember the last time she indulge herself with a break? Probably not, because as a super mum she always finds time for her family, her job and her friends, not really for herself.

Did you hear her complaining about her wardrobe and the time she spent each morning to decide how to be dressed? No, because she doesn't want to annoy you! And even she probably often tells you she doesn't need anything. But do you really think it is true? Do you believe she deserve to be a bit pampered?

How long does she spend to buy new clothes and try them before? Or how often do you see her wearing the same clothes? You know, by offering her a personal stylist you are sure to please.  During this tailored experience she will discover the best places to shop or enjoy new looks based on her wardrobe.

We are confident she will enjoy this gift you have carefully chosen. 

You have two ways to offer her this unique and special treat:

- Buy one of our gift cards, your mum will have then the opportunity to have one personal stylist at the time that best suits her.

- Find yourself the best personal stylist for her. Don't worry, if she wants to change the date, modify the service or the personal stylist we will manage to take extra care of her.

If you have questions or need help to find the personal stylist you want, drop us an email. We usually answer within 2 hours.


Luca has a very friendly approach and always manages to make me feel at ease and comfortable with the choices we make together. I am impressed for his level of service and in-depth knowledge of fashion trends.

Marina after a session with Luca Scamoni

Natalie is very professional, yet warm and friendly and put me at ease immediately. 
She understood my wardrobe requirements and style immediately and helped me clear and rework my existing wardrobe with different combinations. Natalie has helped me reignite my love for fashion - I am now excited to open my wardrobe in the morning rather than dread it!

Colette after a session with Natalie Robinson

I had a great time with Maria, she knows what she is doing. The only thing I regret about is that I have not done it before because it is absolutely worth spending your time on.

Kristina after a session with Maria Bello

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