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Welcome on My Shopping Date, the website to book your personal stylist in order to release your style.

YOUR Perks at Work discount for a personal shopping session

A personal shopping session booked on My Shopping Date with one of our registered personal stylists is the better way to enjoy your next shopping session.

Indeed, a clothes selection is waiting for you. Based on the discussion you will have with your stylist prior to the session, he will be able to pick the items matching who you (really) are.

During the session, your personal stylist will share precious advice on the shapes, the

colors... and your feedback will help him to adapt the rest of the selection made just for you.

If you don't like an outfit, don't buy it! The personal stylist will not force you to buy anything. The main objective is to buy clothes you will wear, not stock!

Your Perks at Work discount can be used multiple times


The personal stylists offering the discounts

The personal stylists offering the Perks at Work discount are style experts carefully selected. 

Personal stylists offering the 20% discount on the Personal Shopping service

Maria BELLO 

Chloe JEAN

Roxanne HENLEY


Personal stylists offering the 10% discount on the Wardrobe and Style Review service

Aurore-Judith MOUCHET




Roxanne HENLEY

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