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Setting the tone

During the Colour Analysis service, your personal stylist establishes your profile, finds your best colours and shows how to combine them. At the end of the session, you will know your most favourable shades and this will be your starting point for your next shopping adventure.


What to expect

  • Find the colours that really suit you.
  • Create a versatile wardrobe.
  • Enjoy an enhanced shopping experience.
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Receive compliments about your new appearance!


Good to know

  • Discover a more natural visage or how to look great without make-up on.
  • If you have previously had a colour analysis, get your current palette reviewed and accentuate the person you are today.
  • If you need a colour swap or advice about your make-up and hair, add this service to your session.

Matching the outfit to the occasion

Following consultation, your personal stylist will present you with clothing, shoes, bags and accessories that you could wear to a party, a business meeting, a wedding or whatever the occasion.


What to expect

  • Your sartorial elegance will be in full evidence.
  • You will feel like the star of the event.
  • Your wardrobe will find itself with a few stylish statement pieces.


Good to know

  • If you have no time or desire to go in stores, ask for a home, office or hotel delivery by your expert.
  • If you would like to refresh your make-up technique or hairstyling to perfect your look, simply add this option.
  • If you are a bride or groom, visit the wedding styling section to find your stylist for the big day.

Get the look of a lifetime for your walk down the aisle

Start your fairy tale with this sur-mesure service. Your personal stylist will help choose the perfect dress or suit for your special day. After discussing your wedding theme and plans, your stylist will make your dream become a reality.


What to expect

  • You will make a big impression with the person who is about to say, “I do.”
  • Look incredible in your wedding photographs.
  • Your outfit will be a talking point.


Good to know

  • Wear the wedding dress or suit that you really deserve.
  • Your maid of honour, best man, family and guests can follow your wedding theme by using the Event Styling service.

The essential My Shopping Date event

Improve, refresh or totally renew your wardrobe with the help of a personal stylist. Once you have defined the items you require and have set your budget, follow your expert around stores and stock up that wardrobe.


What to expect

  • Find clothes, shoes and accessories that really suit your style.
  • Take advice that allows you to find the right items quickly.
  • Discover new brands and exciting places to shop.
  • Take advantage of the best deals.
  • A selection of garments has already been made for you, so you will save time and money.

Good to know

  • You can book your personal shopper for any length of time, maybe 30 minutes or the entire day. Let your programme make best use of your free time.
  • No time or desire to go in stores? Just select “Delivered Personal Shopping” for a home, office or hotel delivery by your expert.
  • Choose “Online Shopping” to receive emails from an expert that give you a selection of items to shop by yourself.

Let’s bring the shopping experience to your door

You might have just flown in and travelling a little too light in the wardrobe department or an unexpected meeting has been scheduled and you need to look sharp in a jiffy. It’s time to book a personal stylist who can come to you. Having defined your needs and budget, wait for the door to knock and your expert personal stylist can provide a fitting session before presenting you with clothing options.


What to expect

  • If booked in advance, your personal stylist can find clothes, shoes and accessories that match – and enhance – your existing style.
  • Taking the advice of style experts will allow you to locate the right clothes quickly.
  • Exciting new brands can be discovered.
  • Your personal stylist can let you take advantage of the best deals around.
  • Letting your personal shopper take the strain will save valuable time and money.


Good to know

  • Keep and pay for the items you like. Your personal shopper will return for the rest. A deposit may be needed to cover the value of items delivered.

Time to re-evaluate what is on those hangers

Your personal stylist will carefully review your wardrobe and select the silhouettes that perfectly align with your own style outlook. For the best success, be prepared to try on a lot of outfits! Then, at the end of the session, such terms as, “I have nothing to wear,” and, “What was I thinking of?” will disappear.


What could you expect?

  • You will extend your wardrobe, with a wide range of looks “ready-to-wear” for work or leisure.
  • Learn to combine your requirements.
  • You will now always be on the lookout for the next fashion statement to fill a gap.

Good to know

  • On a shopping trip, wear comfortable clothes. This allows you to withstand multiple trips to the changing room.
  • Don’t be afraid to discard clothes that are too old or simply don’t suit you any more.
  • In addition, why not try the Colour Analysis service?

The measure of the seasons

When it comes to making big wardrobe decisions, your personal stylist will become your closest ally. For success from the start, this sur-mesure service will focus on YOU, so your stylist will need to know more about your life, work, leisure and wishes. Our vetted personal stylists will give you the best of their expertise, which, in turn, means you are giving the best of yourself at all times.


As the relationship develops, nothing will surprise your personal stylist when embarking on a shopping trip. There is also the option to deliver to your door if your schedule becomes hectic. Get in touch if you are currently lost in front of your wardrobe!


What to expect?

  • Take advantage of the sur-mesure service and gain privileged access to your personal stylist.
  • You will feel unique.
  • Confidence and self-esteem will rise.


Good to know

  • It can be an emotional journey!
  • The sur-mesure service must be renewed frequently by yourself.

If you don’t find an expert available, please contact us, and we will put you in touch with alternatives.

Inbox styling

Fashion-fix Emails will regularly reach your inbox to provide you with ideas about new trends and seasonal themes. The personal stylist you have chosen will, of course, contact you to discover the looks you prefer.


What to expect

  • You will discover items that match your needs.
  • You will be fully trend-aware, while also be in the know about upcoming offers and events in your area.


Good to know

  • Choose the duration you desire and enjoy your reading, it is a one-off payment. 

How it works

You will receive an email containing a selection of items picked by your personal, online stylist. Once the stylist is aware of your budget and the kind of clothes you require, they can give you their full attention online, on email or by telephone.


What to expect

  • Measured advice on your shape and style.
  • Simplicity of service. Just read your messages and buy the items you love!


Good to know

  • Online shopping is the perfect service after a Colour Analysis service or a Wardrobe & Style Review.

Styling on-the-go

To take full advantage of a video conference with your personal stylist, book a time that is convenient, push open your wardrobe doors and let the lessons in style begin.


What to expect?

  • A personal stylist in your own space (albeit on the computer or your smartphone).
  • Get quick answers to your questions.


Good to know

  • Personal stylists will contact you by using Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or others tools. Don’t forget to give your contact details in the booking.

Seize the moment

Your personal stylist will suggest ways that will capture your personality and keep you firmly in the spotlight using the right make-up paired with your ideal hairstyle.


What to expect

  • Having the make-up and hairstyle that you deserve will complete your look.
  • Learn the make-up techniques of the professionals.
  • Discover new products and trends.


Good to know

  • You can still use your own products if they are acceptable with your expert.
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